At the Admiral Trans Ltd. we all work so as to make sure your rest and travel go without any hitches.

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What we have

  • 25 years of experience
  • stable Company in business since 1989
  • qualified, highly experienced staff
  • fleet of modern vehicles

What we offer

  • vehicles with seating capacity between 9-55
  • quotations and undertaking transport assignments
  • round-the-clock availability

What we undertake

We can provide all passenger transportation services in a professional manner in excellent quality to our clients

What we request

- read the necessary information (rates, terms and conditions, requirements)
- use our contact details if you have any further questions or to request a price quotation and place an order for our services
- should you have any observation (or complaint), please, let us know about it so that we can further develop our services for the sake of your satisfaction
Your satisfaction is our success.


Without being exhaustive, the following services have been provided to our partners:
- Passenger transport, bus rental, ordering buses
- Buses and coach hiring, domestic and international trips
- Transfers, airport transfers, shuttle lines
- Sightseeing, dinner programs, even with tour guides
- Transport to conferences, exhibitions
- Corporate excursions and travels, company events
- School excursions, transportation of children and pupils
- Regular lines for employees, employees transport
- Providing coaches/buses with safety belts, ski boxes
... but we can also be at your service in meeting any special demand.


Currently, our buses and coaches are primarily used to expedite sightseeing and touristic programs for foreign tourists in Hungary. Our clients include Austrian, German, Czech and Spanish travel agencies, cruising companies and airlines, institutions, universities, sports clubs, companies and enterprises, bus companies, a number of event organisers and private individuals alike.
And we hope to also welcome you or your acquaintances among our partners soon!

capacity: 49+1+1

Mercedes Tourismo 16RHD
capacity: 48+1+1

Mercedes Tourismo
capacity: 53+1+1

Mercedes Tourismo
capacity: 51+1+1

Mercedes Tourismo
capacity: 49+2+1

capacity: 49+1+1

capacity: 49+1+1

capacity: 55+1+1

capacity 20+1


About Us

Our Company was funded in 1989 by private individuals experienced in, and committed to, bus transportation with the goal to meet the then dynamically growing demands of domestic and international tourism and the needs of the then large number of manufacturing companies and plants for the transportation of their employees. We, the company and its owners, have been acting, working and living in this business for more than 20 years, and the millions of kilometres driven, and a million passengers transported, during that period have all contributed to our Company’s current form. We toured, so to say, throughout all corners of Europe from Scotland to Ankara and from Sweden to Gibraltar.


We know and have done all segments of passenger transportation from carriage of workers to coastal vacations, from a kindergarten excursion to conference tourism, from sightseeing tours in European cities to airport transfers, from train replacement lines up to regular delivery and collecting lines along Croatian, Greek and Spanish seaside.


Csizmadia András
Managing director & Owner

Nagy Zoltán


If you access us through our contact details, either for ordering or for requesting a quotation, we will give you a tailor-made calculation and price quotation within the shortest period of time.
Our flexible pricing allows us to offer you a competitive rate customised to the assignment in question.
General information

For safe ride and arrival, please, take into consideration the following mandatory and strictly controlled European requirements:
View Information (PDF)


Email: info@admiraltrans.hu
Address: 5600 Békéscsaba, Lepény Pál utca 7.
Site: 1142 Budapest, Tahi utca
Phone: + 36 20 446 38 49 Fax: +36 66 453 076

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