-- Posted: 2014-06-23 -- By: takaacstamaas

For safe ride and arrival, please, take into consideration the following mandatory and strictly controlled European requirements related to drivers’ working hours, during the preliminary planning of a trip. If requested, our colleagues can provide you detailed information and advice in the subject matter.
• The maximum length of driving time per day can be 9 hours, which, however, may be increased to 10 hours twice a week.
• The maximum working time may be 13 hours, which, however, may be increased to 15 hours twice a week, provided that an uninterrupted 3-hour rest can be taken within the 15-hour working time.
• An uninterrupted rest period of minimum 11 hours has to be kept between the working hours on two subsequent days; such rest period, however, can be replaced twice a week by an uninterrupted rest period of minimum 9 hours and an uninterrupted period of minimum 3 hours.
• A driver may drive continuously maximum 4.5 hours. When that driving time has passed, they shall take a minimum 45 minute rest. Within the 4.5 hours of drive, however, the 45 minutes may be split first into a minimum 15 minute rest, and then a minimum 30 minute rest.
• A driver may work maximum 6 days a week.
• If a program does not allow the above rules to be observed, then 2 drivers will need to be involved!
• 2 drivers may continuously spend 21 hours on road, and then they shall take an uninterrupted rest period of 9 hours in accommodation.