General information

-- Posted: 2014-06-23 -- By: takaacstamaas

General information:

A contract for one-off charter transportation of passengers is made by client’s written order (by completing the order form on the website and sending it in email or by telefax) and by the Company’s confirmation of such order. The details contained in the order and in the confirmation shall constitute the contents of the contract.

A 27% VAT will be charged on domestic passenger transportation and bus rentals while international passenger transportation where the place of departure or of arrival is abroad is an activity outside the scope of VAT and, thus, the VAT is 0%. Some countries (Austria, Germany, Poland), however, impose an obligation to pay VAT (to a varying extent) abroad, for the distance driven within their national boundaries.

In the event of a domestic one-day trip, the rate will be calculated both for the hours and the number of kilometres completed, and the higher value of them will be invoiced. In addition to the actual service, if the bus starts from or arrives in Budapest, two times half an hour or two times 15 kilometres will also be charged for the delivery of the vehicle to the departure point and for its return to the garage, while a surcharge previously agreed on will be charged for the delivery of the vehicle in the provinces.

The minimal service to be invoiced will be 4 hours each time, while in the event of a two-day or multi-day continuous domestic or foreign program, at least 250 kilometres/ day will be charged.

Other costs incurred in completing a trip (highway toll, parking fees, road tax, entry permit, ferry and tunnel fees, etc.) and, in the event of a multi-day journey, the driver’s accommodation and per diem allowance will be covered by the client; at request our Company pre-pays such items and includes them in the invoice.

Terms of payment: in general 80% of the calculated carriage shall be settled at the latest 10 days prior to the start of a journey while the outstanding amount shall be paid in cash or by bank transfer after arrival at home, against our invoice based the journey log (control document).